Horizon Detailing specializes in paint correction, exotic car detailing, and restoring vehicles to to the highest level of gloss and depth possible.  Many cars, even brand new ones, are plagued with marring, machine holograms, leftover sanding marks from the factory, water etching and swirl marks.  By carefully and methodically removing these imperfections, you are left with a pristine surface with unmatched clarity, gloss, and depth.  With hundreds of successful extensive paint corrections performed, I am confident in my abilities to bring the vehicle back to a better than new showroom shine.  With proper detailing and maintenance, you are effectively increasing the value of your vehicles while maintaining a stunning and protected finish.



Certified with Modesta, Ceramic Pro & CQuartz

Horizon Detailing is Certified Car Care Center and Installer for Modesta, Opti-Coat Pro, and CQuartz coatings.  Ceramic coatings are the latest evolution in the detailing industry replace sealants are waxes by providing a hard surface layer that is much more chemically resistant, scratch resistant, glossier and durable than any wax/sealant could ever be.  Depending on your choice of coating, they will last anywhere from 2 years to 5+ years and are baked and cured via Infrared heat.  These coatings have been heavily researched and tested and have many independent reviews around the web.  These coatings are only available through certified, professional installers.  Horizon Detailing has been installing coatings for years and firmly stands behind all installations.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE: 1 on 1 Interaction

Horizon Detailing recognizes that each client and their car are unique. We pride ourselves on the customer experience and satisfaction.  We focus on a level of individualized care for each vehicle with a full range of extensive services that can be personalized for each individual vehicle.  We only work on one vehicle at a time to ensure our specific standard of the highest quality work and care while your vehicle being professionally treated.  With a climate controlled garage coupled with communication and unparalleled skill, knowledge, and experience, we are able to achieve breath-taking results every time.


Best & most popular of our works


  • Robert was extremely thorough and knowledgeable when performing a minor paint correction on my Audi A5. Highly recommended for quality detail work.

    Rich G.
  • brought my Lexus to Robert in critical condition and he made it almost brand new. Not only did he do an amazing job, he also provided excellent customer service. Horizon Detailing is definitely on my top list for Car Detailing.

    Tahina H.
  • Was very careful when looking for someone to detail my 2001 Viper. Spoke with Robert via email, and he made feel very comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with how the car turned out. Robert did and interior detail, engine detail, and minor paint correction. The car looks like it’s brand new. Robert is very knowledgeable, and treats the car as if it’s his own. Will definitely take my car to him exclusively from now on.

    Kurt W.
  • I decided to detail my brand new Accord Hybrid but had no idea who to use for the job. I found Horizon Detailing online and read through all the reviews. I was amazed to see such excellent feedback so I reviewed the website and decided to meet Robert to make my final decision ( it’s hard to entrust your brand new car to someone you don’t know.) He was thorough and professional during the meeting. He explained what he would do, how much it would cost and how long it would take. I decided he was the man for the job. Turns out my new car had a very poor detailing job at the Honda dealership ( lots of scratches.) I decided to go with the Exterior treatment along with an opticoat 2.0 sealer. I’ve heard good things about this sealer and decided to use it to protect my black paint.

    Robert spent the time to clean and remove all the scratches. My wife and I asked if he would be okay with us reviewing the work just before the opticoat application (once it’s on – you encapsulate all defects and prevent there removal w/o a lot of additional work) and he was more than willing to allow this. We were nervous when it came time for this review – since he had spent all his time doing the paint correction on our brand new car but it turns out his work was impeccable and we gave the okay to do the opticoat.

    When all the work was done, to Robert’s standards, he called us to do a final review. I must say I was still nervous but when we saw the final outcome we were both amazed to see what a new car should look like. He did a wonderful job and was easy to get along with.

    He even got answers to additional questions I thought of after I left. He told me how to take care of the car and suggested products to use. What more can you ask for?


    Thank You Robert

    Bill S.
  • I took my 2015 WRX STI to Robert to have him detail the car and apply the CQuartz Paint Protectant. While the car is only 2 months old, Robert pointed out all the small flaws and really made the car look better than the day it came off the lot. The car stood out before… now it stands out more. He also explained all the work he had done to the car and how to care for the new coating. If you want your car to look better than showroom, take it to Horizon!

    Jason S.
  • Robert is extremely professional, has a great eye for detail, and knows the tools of his trade. Highly recommended.

    I consulted with him before taking delivery of my new car — from advising me about the dealer-offered protective films and coatings, to arranging to have the car promptly brought to his garage for paint correction and clear coating, Robert was prompt, thorough, and courteous in his responses. He even arranged to have my car worked on in a way that would minimize travel during inclement winter weather.

    When the car arrived, I took it directly to Horizon for assessment and clear coating. Robert quickly identified the paint flaws incurred by the factory and dealer. He spent hours correcting them, clear coated the car, and applied a leather protectant. When I picked it back up, he gave me great advice on how to maintain the finish, including what products would be best to use.

    Finally, for his level of skill and the time he invests, Robert’s prices are great value. As above, highly recommended.

    Neil P.
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