Entry Level

CQuartz UK

CQuartz UK is a hard, glossy, ceramic quartz based SiO2 coating which is applied and then baked and cured to a hard, shiny finish with Infrared heat lamps.

Lifespan: ~2 years
Price: $275 add on for coupe/small sedan


Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro uses nanoceramic technology to create a hard glass shield on the paint that is resistant to light scratches and creates a deep, wet gloss on the paint.  The car will be easier to clean and maintain.  Depending on the package, you will receive a 2 year, 5 year, or lifetime warranty with your installation.

Lifespan: 2 years – Lifetime

The Ultimate Package

Modesta BC-04 or Modesta BC-05

Modesta represents the most advanced coating on the market, with the most gloss and scratch resistance of any of the coatings available.  The paint receives a primer polish which fills minor imperfections and creates the base layer for the BC-04 or BC-05 to adhere to.  The end result is stunning, long lasting protection for serious car enthusiasts.

Lifespan: 5+ years

Price: $1495