Modesta Coatings

Minimum Time: 24 hours I Price: $1200-$1500+

Modesta is an industry leading, unique glass coating for automotive clearcoats based on a three-dimensional molecular frame. This technology creates an extremely durable, clear and hard glass layer for automotive paints, glass and metal to produce a “candy-like” gloss finish.  Modesta reduces imperfections in the paint from wash-induced damages, etchings, oxidation, watermarks, salts, acids and environmental toxins. It’s water repellant properties provide the owner with a durable, hydrophobic surface that is easier to maintain.


BC -08: $895
BC-04, BC-05: $1495+



Manufacture Statement:

Products of the Modesta range create a hard, glass-like layer on the clear coat of your vehicle. This thick layer is composed of high grade silicium produced by a special chemical reaction at the time of application. It acts as a impenetrable barrier, protecting the paint from all adverse affects of the environment.

No matter how hard the clear coat layer on your vehicle may be – Modesta adds hardness to it and the layer created will always be harder than the finish of your vehicle itself. This creates a long lasting protection against scratches and other mechanical wear. Thanks to the layer thickness Modesta produces on the paint, it also absorbs damage that would normally be caused directly on the paint. Thus the paint of your vehicle is protected and will retain it’s value longer.

A significant part of the protection Modesta delivers is the result of outstanding self-cleaning and water behavior properties. With Modesta the vehicle will stay clean for longer and will be considerably easier to wash when needed.

Consultation with a reputable professional is always recommended to choose a protection product that fits the individual needs of the vehicle owner. Not every detailing shop carries the Modesta Brand. Only the most advanced masters in the industry will be able to offer Modesta Coatings.

Step 1 : P-01A Primer / Finishing Polish:

P-01A would be the first step in the preparation process. This acrylic based resin primer is similar to one of the components of automotive paints. Once it’s applied and dried to the paint surface, it will act as a coating base and increased surface material. The P-01A will need anywhere from 1-3 hours to cure to the paint surface before adding additional layers. P-01A is a primer for Modesta’s glass coatings that can also be used as a finishing polish. Its thick bi-layered membrane works together with the glass coatings to produce a deep gloss, shine and reflections from the paint surface.  P-01A is a non abrasive and will not damage vehicle paint work. ]

Step 2 : BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Glass Coating

Modesta BC-05 is a unique glass coating based on a three dimensional molecular frame. It forms a highly durable clear hard glass layer on automotive paints.

BC-05 produces a deep shine and helps to protect the paint from all kinds of damage including wash-induced damages, scratches, oxidation, sap, watermarks, salts, acids and even permanent ink. It’s strong water-repellant properties also promote the self-cleaning effect of the coating.

BC-05 produces a unique kind of gloss, also called “candy-like” gloss, that adds unique reflections and saturation to the paint of the vehicle.

BC-05 requires thorough and regular maintenance and delivers long-term protection. It is especially suitable for exclusive vehicles that can take advantage of professional care.

BC-05 Has also been proven to reduce the co-efficient of drag on a vehicle by -0.02 proven by tests done in an independent wind tunnel lab. This results in better handling, acceleration and gas mileage!



BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating

A formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original pure liquid glass coating (BC-03) and the highest quality nanograde titanium dioxide. This combination creates a deeper shine and spectacular reflections on the paint.

Modesta BC-04 creates an extremely hard physical barrier that prevents paint from coming into contact with airborne elements and acts as a strong anti-scratch protection.

BC-04 is fully capable to withstand temperatures of up to 1650 (800 c) degrees and delivers a special hydrophilic water behavior that prevents mineral and other deposits.

Modesta BC-04 requires reasonable regular maintenance and delivers long-term protection. It is especially suitable for dark-colored daily driven vehicles.