Who do you recommend for Clear Bra installation?

After extensive research and working with multiple companies, we have hand selected the best services and installers in the Lehigh Valley.

For clear bra work, we exclusively use Rock Guard Film, located about 10 minutes away in Allentown, PA.  Rock Guard installs the best clear bra on the market, XPEL Ultimate.  They are located in a state of the art shop and have unparalleled quality, we wouldn’t recommend anyone else!  They have wrapped more McLaren P1’s than any other XPEL installer in the country.

Contact Info:
EJ Core, III
(610) 428-2969


Who do you recommend for Tinting?

For all of our tinting needs, we use First Class Tint, located 15 minutes away in Nazareth, PA.  With a specially trained workforce, they do flawless work in a timely and efficient manner.


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Do you offer mobile detailing?

We currently only offer mobile detailing for customers with exceptional situations, such as exotic cars, rare cars, and car collections which would be difficult or unreasonable to transport.  We prefer to use our own garage if possible as it is has heat, A/C, security, soft water, a water drain, humidity control, etc.

For mobile detailing, you must have a water supply(optional but recommended), electricity access, and a garage with enough room to work – roughly about 5 feet per side.  Charges vary based on distance.  Let us know is you have any questions!

What is your most popular package?

The vast majority of our work consists of a minor/major paint correction followed by a coating.  We also frequently prep new cars immediately after delivery with coatings for paint, glass, trims, leather, and carpets.  Paint correction and coatings is our area of expertise and what we dedicate the most time to.  If you have any questions about these packages, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help!


Paint correction example(left side finshed, right side untouched, Black Audi S4 door)



Using Infrared Heat to cure a 5 year ceramic coating