McLaren 650S – Paint correction to remove factory sanding marks and bring an intense gloss and depth to the beautiful Tarocco Orange paint, which you can see first hand at Bucks County Exotics tomorrow(Sat, June 3rd). Once they were removed and the paint was topped off with a sealant(Modesta M1Shot), the paint positively glowed. It showed incredible gloss, depth, and clarity when overcast and exploded with metallic every time the sun came out. What a beautiful color and incredible car, it truly is a pleasure to work on these rare pieces of art and bring the paint/color to the level they were truly meant to be.

If you have a high-end, hand painted car, chances are there are leftover sanding marks from the factory hiding in your finish. Even for McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, the factory workers lack the time and expertise needed to finish the paint to the highest level. These swirls or sanding marks may be hard to see in natural lighting, but they do dull the finish and can be shown under proper lighting. Once removed, an incredible amount gloss, depth, and clarity is brought back to the paint. If you aren’t sure if your paint is at it’s absolute best, contact us for a free consultation to learn how you can take your car to another level, as well as how to protect and care for your investment.