HD Exterior Treatment

The Horizon Detailing exterior treatment is the base foundation for all work on the exterior of the vehicle.  From the wheels, to the paint, to the exhaust tips, the vehicle is completely  cleaned of all contaminants and sealed to ensure proper protection and easier cleaning.  The vehicle will be perfectly clean and protected on every exterior surface.  The basic HD Exterior does not include swirl/scratch removal, also known as Paint Correction.  A standard, high gloss sealant is applied, but can be upgraded to a Ceramic Coating for select vehicles.  The HD exterior includes:

  • An extensive foam treatment with citrus cleaners to strip any prior protection, followed by a gentle hand wash
  • Through Cleaning of the rims to remove any brake dust, including the barrel of the rim
  • Tires degreased and cleaned, followed by a deep black dressing
  • Exterior glass cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Metalwork polished, brightened, and protected
  • Nano sealant applied for protection
  • Rims sealed with a temperature resistant sealant
  • Trim cleaned and dressed
  • Optional Upgrades: Paint coatings, Paint Correction, Glass coatings, Rim removal, Rim and Caliper Coatings

Estimated Time: 3-4 Hours

Cars: $175  SUV’s: $200        or   Interior/Exterior Combo – Cars: $250  SUV’s: $290


Complete Interior Detail

A complete and through revitalization of every interior vehicle surface.  The interior is thoroughly vacuumed followed by a shampoo and extraction of the carpets and mats.  Leather is treated to an extensive cleaning and conditioning process to leave a soft, factory fresh finish.  The dash and trim are cleaned and treated to a matte UV protectant for a natural finish.  The carpets are treated to a fabric protectant to prevent stains and make the cleaning of any future spills easier.  Trunk area is cleaned and vacuumed.  Excessive pet hair, mold, smoke/tar deposits or other non-typical contaminants will be extra.  The complete interior detail can be added to any exterior or paint correction package.

  • Shampoo and Extraction of carpet mats and main cabin area
  • Complete cleaning and conditioning of all leather
  • Thorough cleaning and wipe down of all interior surface
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Light fabric protectant applied to mats, can be upgraded to warrantied Opti-Guard
  • Glass cleaned to streak free finish
  • Trunk area cleaned and vacuumed
  • Optional Upgrades: Leather coating, Fabric Coatings – Custom priced per job, please inquire if interested.

Estimated time: 3-4 hours
Cars: $175  SUV’s: $200                  Combo Exterior/Interior Package-  Cars: $250  SUV’s: $ 290