I looked around a lot online for car detailing shops for the Opti Coat 2.0 for my Subaru BRZ. Finally, I chose Horizon Detailing. Robert treated my car as his own, being very patient and careful. He was very clear about his plans, with no hidden price. I am very satisfied with the result. He took care of all the scratches and swirls. Now, my car looks even better than in the dealer shop and just needs water spray to be cleaned. Robert is a very easy going person. He taught me a lot about how to clean and maintain my car by myself. Not like other shops try to earn the money from you as much as possible. I definitely will go back to him for service in the future. Highly recommended!

Chi-Sen L.

I brought my Golf R to Horizon Detailing a few weeks after purchasing it. I had heard horror stories about how the dealers destroy the paint on brand new cars. To my surprise, the dealer didn’t mess up my paint too much. The car did attract a lot of dust and the wheels were coated with brake dust within days of having the car. Robert did an exterior detail and also applied Opti-Coat. The car is noticeably shinier and seems to stay clean longer. It was a great experience and he was very accommodating. I definitely recommend him to anyone!

Eric K.

My interior looks so good I don’t want anyone in my car. I took my Expedition to Horizon for my interior after a friend recommended the past excellent work. I had a ton of dirt mashed into the rugs from the winter and dark black stains in the back from a grill after a bbq. I always keep my car immaculate, and was so worried it would never look the same. Horizon did such a good job that it looks new again and I could not be happier. I absolutely would not go anywhere else for any detailing inside or out.

Todd G.

I brought my Acura TL to Horizon Detailing to completely restore my paint. I bought it recently from a dealer and they did a terrible job when they detailed it. There were swirl marks and bad paint touch ups everywhere. Robert completely restored my paint to showroom condition! He took out all of the swirl marks and vastly improved the appearance of the touch ups. I can’t get over how fluid the curves of the car look and the mirror like quality of the paint. Horizon Detailing does phenomenal work and I would recommend it to anyone!

Jordan H.

Robert was extremely thorough and knowledgeable when performing a minor paint correction on my Audi A5. Highly recommended for quality detail work.

Rich G.

I recently had my 2013 FRS detailed inside and out and also had paint correction done to the balck exterior. Robert was able to make the car look better than when I first got it and also explained everything he did to my wife and myself. He is a very knowledgable person and does and awesome job. I would recommend him to anyone!

Steven B.

A family friend recommended Horizon Detailing, and I’m sure glad they did. The car I brought in was over 10 years old and hadn’t been professionally cleaned/detailed in years, yet Robert made it feel and look new again. Not only did he do a tremendous job, he was also completely upfront with his expectations of how the car would turn out, and didn’t push me to buy any services it didn’t need. I got the interior/exterior combo and was completely blown away by the end result. The interior was spotless and every inch of the exterior shined spectacularly. A+, 5 stars, 10/10. I cannot recommend this place strongly enough.

Michael H.

Horizon is my detailer of choice by far. I own a car dealership in Allentown so I’ve used my share of companies. I will only bring my exotic or high end cars here. Very few take the time or have the skills needed to bring back that showroom look…. I can say without a doubt Horizon has mastered that.

Joe B.

brought my Lexus to Robert in critical condition and he made it almost brand new. Not only did he do an amazing job, he also provided excellent customer service. Horizon Detailing is definitely on my top list for Car Detailing.

Tahina H.

Was very careful when looking for someone to detail my 2001 Viper. Spoke with Robert via email, and he made feel very comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with how the car turned out. Robert did and interior detail, engine detail, and minor paint correction. The car looks like it’s brand new. Robert is very knowledgeable, and treats the car as if it’s his own. Will definitely take my car to him exclusively from now on.

Kurt W.

I decided to detail my brand new Accord Hybrid but had no idea who to use for the job. I found Horizon Detailing online and read through all the reviews. I was amazed to see such excellent feedback so I reviewed the website and decided to meet Robert to make my final decision ( it’s hard to entrust your brand new car to someone you don’t know.) He was thorough and professional during the meeting. He explained what he would do, how much it would cost and how long it would take. I decided he was the man for the job. Turns out my new car had a very poor detailing job at the Honda dealership ( lots of scratches.) I decided to go with the Exterior treatment along with an opticoat 2.0 sealer. I’ve heard good things about this sealer and decided to use it to protect my black paint.

Robert spent the time to clean and remove all the scratches. My wife and I asked if he would be okay with us reviewing the work just before the opticoat application (once it’s on – you encapsulate all defects and prevent there removal w/o a lot of additional work) and he was more than willing to allow this. We were nervous when it came time for this review – since he had spent all his time doing the paint correction on our brand new car but it turns out his work was impeccable and we gave the okay to do the opticoat.

When all the work was done, to Robert’s standards, he called us to do a final review. I must say I was still nervous but when we saw the final outcome we were both amazed to see what a new car should look like. He did a wonderful job and was easy to get along with.

He even got answers to additional questions I thought of after I left. He told me how to take care of the car and suggested products to use. What more can you ask for?


Thank You Robert

Bill S.

I took my 2015 WRX STI to Robert to have him detail the car and apply the CQuartz Paint Protectant. While the car is only 2 months old, Robert pointed out all the small flaws and really made the car look better than the day it came off the lot. The car stood out before… now it stands out more. He also explained all the work he had done to the car and how to care for the new coating. If you want your car to look better than showroom, take it to Horizon!

Jason S.